Wealth Boss Webinar – Help Change Our Children’s Future with Wealth Boss! Webinar Starts Shortly!

Help Change Our Children’s Future with Wealth Boss webinar starts shortly!

Learn life changing skills and knowledge
Empowering children and parents with the gift of English.

Two Companies – One Business – Same great pay plan.

You will find videos on the Wealth Boss Team website that will provide you lots of great information.

Click Here to Visit Our Wealth Boss Team Website!

Join our WB Webinar and Learn How You can Be Paid to Help Change Our Childrens’ Future!

On this webinar, we will share with you and your guests information about
the World’s ONLY game-based, kid-driven program where children globally
learn to be fluent in English, entrepreneurship & other valuable 21stcentury skills, such as critical thinking, cultural understanding, problem solving, creativity, leadership, teamwork and much more.

Discover how you are paid to help change the lives of children and whole
communities around the world! This is a huge bonus that is added to the
great feeling of making a difference!

Hear an amazing story of the autistic 7 year old boy in El Salvador who had NEVER spoken and then think about how you would be feeling if you had shared Wealth Boss with his overjoyed parents!

Placeholder Image
Register here NOW:

Webinar ID: 215-036-979

USA: Mondays at 6PM PST / 7PM MST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST
UK: Tuesdays at 2AM
JAPAN: Tuesdays at 10AM
AUS: Tuesdays at 9AM WA / 11AM NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS
NZ: Tuesdays at 1PM

Check this link for other Time Zones

We look forward to seeing you there! If you absolutely can’t make it to the
live webinar, we will record it and send you the link as soon as we have it.


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